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This API operates on a straightforward, prepaid Pay-As-You-Go model, directly linked to your account balance. It functions identically to the "Power Mode" feature available on the web app, and maintains the same pricing structure.

The cost of each request is determined based on its parameters and can be accurately forecasted in advance. You can use the pricing calculator on to calculate the cost of your requests in realtime with different values. As you send requests, your balance is automatically adjusted to reflect charges.

Your balance never expires and can be used at any time.

Example of request costs

Here are some examples of processing costs for images of different resolutions with the default settings.

/text2image, /image2image, /inpainting, /edit-image

Resolution $
512x512 $0.0019
768x768 $0.0087
1024x1024 $0.0181

If you use the upscale parameter, then upscale costs are added to the above costs. This is a great way to save money as upscaling is cheaper than generating directly at higher resolutions.

Example, say you want to generate an image with an output resolution of 1024x1024:

Example Parameters $
native 1024px width=1024 height=1024 $0.0181
upscaled from 512px to 1024px width=512 height=512 upscale=2 $0.0031


Resolution (of the input image) $
320x320 $0.0005
512x512 $0.0012
768x768 $0.0029
1024x1024 $0.0051

Request cost calculation

The exact formulas for each method are as follows:

/text2image, /image2image & /inpainting

pixels   = max(width * height, 512 * 512)
cost_usd = (pixels * 6.849e-006 - 1.133) * max(steps, 10) / 10000

If the upscale parameter is used, then the costs from /upscale are added to the above costs.


pixels   = max(width * height, 320 * 320)
cost_usd = pixels * 4.9278E-05 / 10000