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Fast & easy AI image generation Stable Diffusion API

[NEW] Background removal features + new XL model "Tshirt Design Redmond" enabling you to generate stunning automated tshirt designs in no time.

See Changelog section for more details.

This API provides fast priority processing by utilizing the same infrastructure that drives the web app.

  • Fast: powered by datacenter-grade GPUs
  • 📈 Scalable: your requests are automatically distributed to multiple machines
  • ⛱️ Easy to use: no need to manage complex hardware or software configuration, we take care of everything
  • 🖌️ 90 models: ready to use, covering a wide range of styles.
  • 🎨 Customizable: import Lora models to guide the AI towards custom characters, styles, objects or concepts.
  • 💸 Pay-As-You-Go: only pay for the resources that you use, no recurring monthly payments, no expiring credits

Enjoy several awesome AI's like:

  • text-to-image: create a brand new image from a text description
  • controlnet: create an image that matches the structure of a sample image
  • image-to-image: reshape an existing image according to a text description
  • inpainting / text-inpainting: replace a part of an existing image by something else
  • edit-image : edit an image according to text instructions, while preserving its structure
  • upscaling : increase image resolution in a smart way
  • remove-background: automatically detect the main subject and remove the background around it


With default settings:

  • $0.0019 USD - 512x512 pixels with /text2image
  • $0.0075 USD - 1024x1024 pixels with /text2image_sdxl

Find more details on the Pricing page.