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Stable Diffusion 1/2

Here are some examples of processing costs for images at different resolutions with 30 steps.

"Standard" refers to the following endpoints: /text2image, /image2image, /inpainting, /text-inpainting, /edit-image

Resolution Standard /controlnet
320x320 $0.0019 $0.0038
512x512 $0.0019 $0.0038
768x768 $0.0087 $0.0174
1024x1024 $0.0181 $0.0362

The cost scales linearly with the steps setting, half the steps = half the price.
(except for /upscale which does not have this parameter)

LoRA Addons: Setting these addons adds a fixed cost to the request price (does not scale with steps or image size):

  • 1 LoRA model: +$0.0012
  • 2 LoRA models: +$0.0024


If you use the built-in upscale parameter in one of the diffusion endpoints, then upscale costs are added to the above costs. This is a great way to save money as upscaling is cheaper than generating directly at higher resolutions.

Example, say you want to call /text2image and get an output resolution of 1024x1024. Here are your 2 options:

Example Parameters $
native 1024px width=1024 height=1024 $0.0181
upscaled from 512px to 1024px width=512 height=512 upscale=2 $0.0031