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Volume Discounts

If you are considering extensive use of our API, our volume discounts offer an optimal way to manage your costs.

To take advantage of these volume discounts:

  • Top up your Dezgo account with an amount that reaches or surpasses the thresholds detailed below.
  • The system will then automatically award you additional free credits, corresponding to the specified discount rate.
Discount Deposit at least
10% off >= $100
15% off >= $500
20% off >= $1,000


For instance, if you type "1000" as your deposit amount:

Once the payment is successfully processed, your Dezgo balance will reflect an increase of $1,250, despite your bank account only being debited by $1,000. This effectively corresponds to a 20% discount on your transaction.

You can verify that the discount has been properly selected on the checkout page:


If you're planning to exceed the highest threshold, please contact us here to discuss a custom plan for you.